10+ uses for washing up liquid

Uses for washing up liquid

There are so uses for washing up liquid. I am going to share with you today 10+ uses for washing up liquid. You’ll find its very effective, actually, in several ways!

Even in ways you never thought about!

Many years ago, my car mechanic came out to my house and when he finished the job on my car, he asked me if I had washing up liquid for him to wash his hands to remove residues of oil and other grime, he’d used on my car…I beg your pardon?! Isn’t hand soap kinder and better?! Nope, he said!

Apparently not! And I can say to you that he removed everything off his hands, and it didn’t even look like he’d just done a mechanic job minutes earlier!

So, I was determined to experiment with washing up liquid on everything I could, so I did, and found over 10 uses for washing up liquid!

And today, I am going to share with you some of the things I have experimented washing up liquid on and have found very effective.

My intention isn’t to advertise any washing up liquid brand on here, but I have to say that for my experiments I used Fairy washing up liquid.

The many uses for washing up liquid are as follows:

Pre-Wash Stain Treatment & Grease Stains one of the best uses for washing up liquid

Grease stains can be so hard to remove from clothes and can ruin them for good.

Please be warned not to put grease-stained clothes in a hot wash as this will set the stain and you won’t be able to remove it or it will become really hard to remove.

My little tip is to use Fairy washing up liquid. Put a small amount directly into the stain. Let it set for a little bit then rub the liquid with your fingers and then wash as normal, no need for hot wash, it works for me every time.

Hand Wash Delicate Clothing

Fairy liquid in warm water works as an easy alternative to detergent when you need to hand wash your delicate clothing.


Clean Grease in the Kitchen

Mix a solution of a squirt of fairy liquid and water. You can use this to degrease kitchen cupboards, counter tops, cooker hoods, and backsplashes.

Blender Cleaning– Clean your blender quickly by adding a drop of washing up liquid with water and then give it a whizz! Done!


Floor Cleaner

You don’t need any special product to wash your floor. A squirt (a tiny one because Fairy is concentrated) of Fairy liquid into warm water makes mopping up the floors easy.


Defog Glasses and Mirrors

For anyone who wears glasses like me, you’ll understand what I am saying…

Do you know how annoying it is to get foggy glasses?! I won’t even begin…

But I’ve found that a very small amount of fairy liquid rubbed into a pair of glasses, or a bathroom mirror will help prevent it from fogging. A little goes a long way, do not use too much or it won’t work, and you’ll have to wash it all off.

Rub into the mirror and then buff away.


Window Cleaning

Washing up liquid diluted with water is a way to wash dirt off windows. Paired with a squeegee to prevent residue and a dry glass cloth or dry microfibre cloth to polish, will leave a streak free shine.


Clean Carpet or Upholstery Stains

Fairy liquid makes a very effective stain cleaner for carpets and upholstery. Dissolve a small squirt of washing up liquid into warm water, then blot over the stain with a clean cloth.


Multipurpose Spray

Dilute a drop of washing up liquid in water, pour it into an empty spray bottle ( an option for a cheap but effective multipurpose cleaner).


Hairbrush Cleaning

Clean hairbrushes in a diluted solution with water.


Lubricant – another one of best uses for uses for washing up liquid

If you haven’t got anything else at hand, if you need to fix a squeaky door, use dish soap to lubricate the hinges.


Hair Dye on Clothes

Accidents are inevitable, when you’re mid-dye, scratching your nose, can result in stains transferring to your clothes even if you had a towel over your shoulders. A lot of you will know what I’m talking about! So annoying!

I have tried removing small stains of purple hair dye from a white t-shirt of mine, but wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did! Impressive!

As soon as I noticed that my t-shirt was stained (several small stains) I put some fairy washing up liquid on them, covering all the stains in its entirety.

Then, when I was done with everything, I put a bit more washing up liquid on the stains and put the t-shirt in the washing machine to wash as normal. I was very surprised when the cycle finished, and all the stains had been removed! Highlight of my day because I loved that t-shirt!


There are so many other ways in which using washing up liquid is effective, just try them out!


Washing Up Liquid Outdoors

Washing up liquid is effective in so many ways outdoors, however, my purpose today was to give you some tips using it on cleaning. But I’ll give you one example.

Can you imagine that fairy washing up liquid can even work as a weed killer in your garden?! You can make a natural weed killer for your garden by making a simple solution of white vinegar, salt and fairy liquid.


Hope my uses with washing up liquid has helped you a bit to decide if washing up liquid is something you’d like to try!